We Like It Here

Lyric Theatre Belfast / 28th – 30th June @ 8pm

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Does believing something make it real?

“We Like It Here” is an exhilarant original play that immerses you in the world of three sisters (Adele Gribbon, Maeve Smyth & Mary O’Loan) in the rural town of Ballyarby. Except it all exists within their front room.

With their father now missing, the sisters only have themselves and the village guard Thomas (Cailum Carragher) to keep the world of Ballyarby and the people within it alive.

“We Like It Here” explores the blurred lines that form between fact and fiction, the tight knit nature of family, and the way we deal with isolation.

Written by Jonathan M. Daley / Directed by Emily Foran
Set Design by Tracey Lindsay / Sound Design by Conor McGuinness
Lighting Design by Alan Mooney / Stage Management by David Willis
Production Management by Conal Clapper / Produced by Headrush, Ireland